Yoga Short & Sweet

Travis Eliot
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Yoga

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Practice breakdown; the DVD contains three practices with Travis and one with Lauren.

S&S Travis 1
Down dog
Walk up, fold
Sun salute A
3 legged dog, open hip
Walk up, fold
Sun sal with twisting dog
Sun sal with side planks (arm up and along the ear)
Chair sun sal with knee to elbow planks, high lunge
Chair sun sal with knee to elbow planks, high lunge, twisting prayer lunge, warrior II with pulses and side stretch, side angle, bound triangle, triangle, twisting lunges, high lunge
Forward fold hands under feet
Cahir with arms back and front then up
Side stretches
Sun sal with yogic pushups
Sun sal with high lunge, warrior II, reverse warrior, side angle, reverse warrior x2
Malasana, also with twists and bounds
Crow to down dog
Pigeon, then with foot hold, to down dog and wild thing
Boat with leg lifts, then arm twists
Knees into chest
Knee into chest to supine twist
Knees into chest

S&S Travis 2
Arms up, side bends
Hands clasped behind, open chest and fold
Plank to up dog to down dog
Arm circles
Sun sal
Arm circles
Sun sal to sphinx pose to forearm plank with leg lifts and knee to elbow
Twisting chair, open arms
Sun sal with knee to elbow, lunge with arms back, warrior I, humble warrior
Forward fold with elbows hold, then plank to side planks in tree pose to tiger (back and open to the side), kneeling bow
Yogic pushups to down dog, walk up to warrior III with pulses to standing splits to prayer lunge, high lunge
Forward fold with toe hold, repeat sequence
Locust, arms back then clasped
Bow to locust arms wide and to the front
Twisting cobra, cobra to down dog
Camel prep and camel
Lie with legs up, leg lifts, climb up
Knees into chest
Single leg up - hold & witch
Thread the needle

S&S Travis 3
Slow sun salutes with down dog to plank reps and chaturanga to planks
Chair with lifts with breath of fire, sun salute with lunge arms back to crescent
Chair sun salute with crescent arms up and wide x2
Knee to elbow to arm balance (one legged) to down dog to pyramid to triangle to bound triangle to triangle to twisting triangle to warrior III with arms changes to standing split and leg folds
Fish twist to firelog
Repeat sequence
Vinyasa to wide legged forward fold with clasped hands
Horse stance with circles
Wide legged backbend prep to forward fold with foot hold
Close sun salute
Ankle to knee squat with hands in prayer, then arms wide and front
Side bends
Chair to twisting chair to prayer lunge then arms open, high lunge to standing splits and twisting half moon
Three legged plank vinyasa, repeat sequence
Knees into chest
One knee into chest into twists

S&S Lauren
Seated arms up
All fours, cat & cow
Plank to chaturanga to several cobras to down dog
Sun salute x2
Chair sun salute with knee to elbows to high lunge with arms back to crescent
Twisting chair
Sun salute with crescent and bows to backbend lunge, twisting lunge to side plank
Walk back to forward fold, walk up to downward dog
Warrior I to warrior II to reverse warrior to side angle to triangle with bound, to half moon, standing splits
Malasana with twists and binds
Crow to down dog
Repeat sequence
High lunge to pyramid with reverse prayer to reverse triangle to reverse half moon
Down dog
Repeat sequence
All fours, tiger to kneeling bow
Virasana lying back
Half lotus forward fold
Down dog to pigeon to Wide legged wild thing
Knees into chest
Crossed leg twists
Knees into chest