XTrain - All Out Low Impact HIIT

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Gliding Disks, Step Aerobics

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Like Laura, I had pretty much given up on Cathe workouts, especially her cardio workouts, but was tempted to try this one because it is low impact -- and I am glad that I did. It is one of favorite workouts and one of the few that can get me out of bed early to exercise!

The workout is all the name suggests -- all out low impact HIIT. The floor section is well designed, and will not only have you breathless but will also give you a nice leg burn. The step, is simple, simple, simple -- love it. Straightforward steps moves with limited choreography is just my style. (I must admit, however, to skipping the box step move on the step). I have yet to master the gliding portion of this workout -- but even without the gliding section, this workout is very effective.

Instructor Comments:
Encouraging. On-time, easy to follow cues.



Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout.

I had pretty much given up on buying Cathe workouts. I have the intermediate-level workouts of hers that I can do and I enjoy those. But, I had given up on getting any of her workouts designated at the advanced level because, even if they were low impact, they are too hard on my joints and my system. Then, I started reading about this workout. And, everything I read seemed to indicate that it would be doable by me, so I took the chance. And, boy, am I ever glad I did! It's one fun workout that is very customizable for different levels of fitness, even a 50-year-old intermediate exerciser with bad hands/wrists and knees.

Cathe works out in a gym setting w/ four background exercisers. As usual, no modifications are shown, although Cathe gives different ways to alter the moves throughout the workout. The set reminds me just a very little of Leslie's old courtyard setting. Personally, this was a pleasant memory, so it worked for me. The main workout is a cardio/Hiit workout and calls for a set of light dumbbells, a step, and gliding discs. However, it is up to you whether you use all that equipment. I did the workout without a step for the sake of my knees. The dvd includes premixes and bonus workouts. See below for a list of those.

I thought the moves were fun. There wasn't a lot of repetition, which I thought was nice. Many of the moves, you did one set of and then moved on. There were some that you do on one side, so, of course, you repeat the move once on the other side. Throughout the workout, Cathe stresses coming up on your toes, but not jumping. There was one move where they supported weight on the hands. It was a runners lunge and then you switch your feet. I just did the move standing. I was amazed at the high intensity of the moves, all with low impact. If you use the step, the intensity will be more than without the step, of course. However, I found the moves without the step to keep me in the flow of the workout without dropping the intensity very much. Of course, more advanced exercisers wouldn't find ths to be true.

The music in this workout is great - at least, when compared to most of the workouts out there with lousy to just okay music. It was nice to have a workout with music with vocals. I found it motivating.

There are some bonus strength-oriented segments, which I have not tried. I got this workout for the Hiit workout, and I think that is what I will use it for mostly. I may try one of the premixes someday when I want both cardio and strength. Maybe.

I REALLY like this workout! Given what I had read before I tried it, I'm not sure why I was so shocked. Regardless, I'm glad I tried this workout.

Below is more information that you may or may not care about:

Workout Times - Main workout:
Warm Up - 4:53
Round One Floor HiiT - 13:48
Round Two Step - 11:00
Round Three Discs - 5:56
Stretch - 3:19
Total - 38:56

Bonus Workouts:
Bonus Core - 10:26
Bonus Burn Set Chest - 14:10
Bonus Burn Set Shoulder - 14:19
100 Rep Challenge Scarecrows - 5:47

Low Impact HiiT + Core
Low Impact HiiT + Burn Sets Chest
Low Impact HiiT + Burn Sets Chest + Core
Low Impact HiiT + Burn Sets Shoulders
Low Impact HiiT + Burn Sets Shoulders + Core
Timesaver Floor Cardio
Timesaver Floor Cardio + Core
Timesaver Step and Discs Cardio
Timesaver Step and Discs Cardio + Core
Timesaver Floor and Step Cardio (no discs)
Timesaver Floor and Step Cardio (no discs) + Core
Timesaver Floor and Discs Cardio + Core
Double Floor Cardio

Instructor Comments:
She is the consummate professional. Her cueing is stellar, she is encouraging, she is descriptive. She gives good pointers.

Laura S.


Cathe works out in a nice gym w/ 4 backgrounders. You will need a step, dumbbells, and gliding discs for this cardio + strength workout. The dvd is fully chaptered and includes premixes and bonus workouts. The main workout is mostly cardio you can use lighter weights to get a cardio only w/o or heavier for more strength workout.

After a warmup floor exercises include: squat kick-squat dip, squat & shuffle, pulse lunges, side lunge shuffle, floor touch kick, rope pull & hammer, down to semi-climber up & kick. Then on to step work: squat over step, swimmer lunges, side kick &windmill off side of step, running man. The disc section is next: climbers, simmer lunges, jacks, scissor & punch, and a cooldown.

Bonus Core: 10min. Exercises include: sit ups w/ speed bag, sit up variations, butterfly crunches, banana oblique crunches, V twist, full body crunch, gorilla walk, spiderman plank, plank knee drops, and plank holds.
Bonus Chest: 14 min. Each of 3 exercises for three sets of 10 reps, followed by a burn set. Exercises include: bench press, pec fly, incline bench press and burn set pushups.

Bonus Shoulders: 14 min. Each of 3 exercises for three sets of 10 reps, followed by a burn set. Exercises include: military press, single arm lat raise, single arm delt fly, and burn set tubing scarecrow.

This is a high intermediate routine that is easily modified up or down. AWESOME low impact but high intensity, which is exactly what I need right now. Great music and superb cueing & attitude are exactly what you expect from Cathe- and she more than delivers in this one. This is a must have for all exercise libraries. Unique, fun, low impact that leaves you sweaty and worked! I received this dvd to review.