XTrain - Cardio Leg Blast

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Gliding Disks, Lower Body Strength , Step Aerobics

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A great circuit legs workout that alternates cardio segments, mostly plyometrics, with moderate-to-heavy weights sets. Cathe and a large background cast (Cedie, Jai, Marlo, Amanda and Brenda) are in the brick-walled gym setting. You'll need a step with three risers per side, dumbbells from 8-25# if you're matching Cathe, Dixie cups and a firewalker band. Note, the cups and band are each used once so it's not a big deal if you don't have them. Also, the 10" step is high for the cardio moves and you can go much lower for a less intense workout. The music is top-40 upbeat dance/pop hits, mostly vocals but with different lyrics than the "real" hit (copyright stuff, right?)

The cardio sections are split between the floor for the first half of the workout, and the step for the second half. Cathe always does the full-impact option but offers advice on taking down the impact and/or intensity. Her cueing is OK, not great, but usually slightly before the move rather than on the move so you can can keep up.

Everyone has good energy in this workout and just when you think you can't do any more reps, it's over. The pace, weights and step height definitely make this a high-intermediate, low-advanced workout.

Instructor Comments:
Cathe is very professional, demonstrates great form and cues well enough that you can master the workout by the second time through.



Overall, Xtrain was "meh" for me. Nothing too exciting. Kind of same old, is how I felt. Except for Cardio leg Blast. This one goes down in workout history for me. I love that it uses the step, incorporates heavier lower body with cardio in one fun filled package.



This is a lower body workout that alternates strength work with cardio moves for 12 rounds. (One cardio and one strength move make one round.) Heavy weights are used for the strength moves. The cardio is uses both the floor and the step. It is high intensity and a lot of impact. Here is a breakdown:

Round 1- pop squats/jump rope/plyo jacks
alternating reverse lunges
Round 2- touch down jacks/split jumps
plie squats
Round 3- side explosive lunges
elevated lunges
Round 4- frog jumps forward/back/plie jacks
wide stance deadlifts
Round 5- plyo jacks/air jacks
Round 6- dixie cup lateral skate
step ups
Round 7- power 7/up jack down jack
static lunge
Round 8- fast feet shuffle/jump rope
plie squats
Round 9- jump up on step & step off/straddle up and step down R lead
Round 10- jump up on step & step off/straddle up and step down L lead
side lunges
Round 11- step knee tap down/freeze
single leg deadlifts
Round 12- L-step into over top of step 6 times & exit
alternating front lunge (on step)

I rate this an advanced workout. It is high on the fun factor and is probably my favorite of the Xtrain series. I like that the cardio is not repeated, except for one exercise that is done first on one leg then the other. The strength moves are not repeated either except for plie squats. The variety really makes the workout go by. You will use various dumbbells, a step with 3 risers, firewalker band (on some of the cardio moves) and dixie cups (I used 2 lb dumbbells.)

The production value is high. Cathe and crew look great and have great form There are many premixes as well as bonus material on the disc. I like the music too.

Instructor Comments:
Cathe is fantastic as always. She is so professional. Her workouts are pretty much the gold standard for me.

Melissa P