Aligned & Well Complete DVD set

Katy Bowman

Categories: Special Health Conditions

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I had been interested in this set for a while and finally decided to purchase it. I like Katy and think her information is quite useful.

After watching several of the DVDs, I feel that the set is not a good value. I feel that the individual DVDs and the set are overpriced (plus shipping) for the limited content received. There are only about 16 exercises in all, spread out over 14 DVDs. Each DVD has only 5 exercises plus information and explanations. I had realized that there might be *some* repeat content, but this is too much. The 16 exercises are:

Calf Stretch with Half Dome
Toe Stretch
Strap Stretch
Pelvic List
Thoracic Stretch
Head Ramping
Rhomboid Push-Up
Crescent Stretch
Head Hang
Double Calf Stretch
Legs On The Wall
Floor Angels
Knee Squeeze
Toe Exercises
Hand Stretching
Kneecap Release

As I haven’t watched all the DVDs, there may be a few more exercises.

All the DVDs share much of the same information and explanation content.

The set includes two 5” half-dome foam “Rx…ercisers.” The DVDs in the set are:

Below the Belt for Men
Biomechancis for Bad Backs
Biomechanics for Strong Bones
Down There for Women
Easy Rx…ercise for Diabetic
Fix Your Feet
From the Shoulders Up
Get Your Balance Back
Knees and Hips
My Hands Hurt: From Elbows to Fingers
Smart Digestion
When You Can’t Breathe
When You Hurt All Over
When Your Doctor Prescribes Exercise

She could have done these in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. Kind of like what JB Berns did with his "Freedom Restoration" (aka "Rehab Your Whole Body") DVD. Or, perhaps, have two combination DVDs: one for upper body and one for lower body. Also, as mentioned on the VF Forum, the info is not as comprehensive as that found on her blog. One might stick to searching her blog for specific issues for more in depth information and specific exercises.

I had planned to give some of these to friends. Seeing all the repeat content, I’ll be giving many of them away.

Instructor Comments:
Katy is extremely professional and knowledgeable.