Atletica Vol 2

Ilaria Montagnani
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This is a different setting than Ilaria’s earlier workouts; it has an industrial feel with its brick wall and klieg lights in the background. The warmup includes arm reaches, deadlifts, and shoulder stretches. Round One began with kettlebell swings where we did reverse lunges while transferring the weight overhead from one hand to the other. This did not feel safe to me, so I did all my swings with one hand before switching to the other hand. Next we circled the weights while squatting; then we moved into burpees, pushups, planks, and side planks with weights. This was followed by another set of basically the same moves with a few slight variations. Round Two started with right and left alternating snatches, then continued with a spinal rollup while holding weights. Next up was skull crushers, then we added a twist. We were moving into a stretch before I even knew it! The music had a good driving beat and helped me keep up with the moves.

Instructor Comments:
Ilaria is effective and efficient. She gives excellent form pointers throughout the workout.

Debbie J