Bodystrikes Vol 2

Ilaria Montagnani
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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Bodystrikes 2 is a 51 minute workout with form pointers, a warm up, 4 different routines of about 10 minutes each, and a brief cool down/stretch. Ilaria works with Omara, Elizabeth, Rocky,and Steven at Equinox with the sun shining in an open window behind them. Each routine is taught in pieces, put together, and then added onto the previous routines. The workout is easy to learn and Ilaria cues well. The routine flowed and was more fun for me than the original Bodystrikes. The music was good but not as driving as in some of her other workouts. Ilaria is having fun, smiles,and cracks a few jokes which always makes me smile. This is an all low impact workout which differentiates it from a lot of other kickboxing workouts. As with other Ilaria workouts, the goal here is to execute the moves with better form each time. I would rate it as high intermediate to low advanced.

The first routine was a front snap, angled front snap and roundhouse, followed by 3 front pushes and a back kick. The second routine was a side lunge, side lunge with knee up, side lunge front push, back lunge front push. The third routine was ballet leg lifts with straight legs. Four front lifts, four angled lifts, alternating front and angled lifts two times, front and side holds. Ilaria tells you to point and flex your feet if you can, if not, no worries. The fourth routine was the hardest. It was 2 crescents on one leg, a crescent in and out on the other leg, three side kicks without touching down.

Time break downs are as follows: 3 minute kick form, 6 1/2 minute warm up (with 2 sets of 8 pushups) concluding with 3+ minutes of jingas, routine 1 9 minutes, routine 2 8 1/2 minutes, routine 3 9 minutes,routine 4 13 1/2 minutes including a quick cool down/stretch.

Instructor Comments:
Ilaria is working hard, showing impeccable form, and having fun. I find her very motivating and encouraging.