RapidFire 3: Rock Steady, Rock Hard

Susan Chung
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Abs/Core , Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Total Body Workouts

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This workout is packed with variety! It’s very nicely chaptered with lots of premixes. The chapters are Block One, Block Two, Block Three, Block Four, Tabata, Weights, Abs, and Stretch. There are modifiers doing both easier and more difficult variations of the moves. I also noticed the high energy music right away.

The warm-up begins with a variety of jabs, crosses, uppercuts, and kicks. The workout is a nice combination jabs, crosses, and hammers; and front kicks, crescents, and roundhouses. She did a bounce kick as well, which I didn’t do (and neither did the “easy” modifier.) Next up were high blocks, standing abs and obliques (which reminded me a little of Turbo Kick), and squats & kicks. This was followed by chop blocks and jumps (I didn’t jump) and kicks and lunges to the front and rear (I just lunged to the rear.) Next was a “rapid fire” section of jab crosses: two times fast, then four times fast, then six times fast, then eight times fast. Afterward came a much-deserved mini cool-down and stretch (about the 30-minute mark.)

But if you think you’re done, think again! We’re just getting started! The Tabata section is next: 20 seconds of kicks, jumps, squats, lunges followed by 10 seconds of rest. This section lasted about 8 minutes. Up next is Weights: a combination of upper and lower body work (lunges with shoulder work, lunges with arms, lunges with biceps, bent-over rows, and chest presses on the mat.) This was about 10 minutes long. Abs/obliques came next; while kneeling, you hold one weight in each hand and bend your torso right, then left, and you do this for about 10 minutes. Finally, a nice stretch, also about 10 minutes.

This was definitely a high-energy workout with great music and a lot of variety! Anyone with knee issues (like me) can easily modify by following the “easy modifier.”

Debbie J