Yoga Foundations

Travis Eliot
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Yoga

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I received this DVD to review, and I am so glad I did! Yoga Foundations has three practices. The first practice is 45 minutes long, and the next two are about 55 minutes each. The first practice begins with a brief seated meditation, then moves quickly into a side stretch and spinal twist. Next we move to out hands and legs for cat/cow, then child’s pose. The standing poses are next, and these include downward-facing dog, flat back stretch, forward fold, then rolling up to standing into mountain pose. Here we do a brief standing meditation and some relaxing shoulder stretches before moving into sun salutations, wide leg forward fold, triangle, and back to wide leg forward fold. It’s down to the floor for plank, sphinx, and cobra; then seated butterfly, bridge, supine pigeon, spinal twist, and final shavasana. The music is very calm “white noise” with an occasional flute in the background. I greatly enjoyed this very gentle practice.

Instructor Comments:
Travis does not mirror cue; some may be bothered by this, others may not even notice.

Debbie J