Bender Barre None Lean Cuts

Leslee Bender, Tricia Murphy Madden
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Abs/Core , Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Ballet/Barre

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This dvd has 3 main segments: Standing Warm-up, Strength Series, Floor Core Series

This segment calls itself a warm-up, but after the first 3-4 minutes it seems to move on to actual strength work. It begins with gentle movements in crescent pose -- bending and straightening the front leg to stretch the calves, hip flexors, and glutes -- while extending the arms straight overhead/in front. Weights are used to overhead press while doing knee lifts. Then using the Bender ball you'll push it forward, overhead & down, whilst doing forward lunges (very quickly). Then some leg lift variations, 1st side; this is followed by forward lunges with a rotation/twist and leg lifts, 2nd side.
Next is a tondu series (lift leg to the side/rear with pointed foot, then flexed foot, lift up & press in, circles). Then we move on to a complicated combination that includes a rear lunge that pivots into a side-facing plie that pivots back to the lunge position, then tilting forward into a single-legged deadlift with an overhead press. I found it a bit awkward & challenging.

pushups, triceps dips, pushups again
barre thigh work with the ball between the thighs (1st position plie in releve') -- and again later without
calf raises
static lunges (modifications are shown: without weights, using a chair)
ballet move where you do a demi-plie (??) and some front leg lifts
curtsey lunge series
upper body: military press at different angles, forward chest press, kickbacks, triceps presses

forearm plank (rocking back and forth), full plank with side reach/twist
ball under back - lift and lower torso with a chest fly
"Bender Ball Get-up" - ball under back, holding 1 weight up. Not even a half get-up...more like a quarter get up.
ball under ribs - lie on side, lift torso
ball under lower back - feet in tabletop, toe taps
ball between knees - bridge sequence
feet on ball - bridge with a weighted fly
ball under tailbone - straighten/bend legs overhead

Super brief and lacking, in my opinion. Just a couple of stretches for hamstrings/hip flexors.

Who WILL NOT LIKE this workout?
barre purists
form sticklers
those that like beautiful sets or if music is a big deal (nothing note-worthy about the music here)
if you're turned off by tag-team instruction

Who WILL LIKE this workout?
You might would find this a decent addition to your collection if you'd like a more athletic barre (similar to Squeeze or Turbo Barre, but definitely inferior in execution). But it's definitely more traditional with just some added barre flavor.

Instructor Comments:
A few minor notes: the instructors do mirror cue, which is helpful, but they spend the entire workout tag-team instructing, which is awkward at times. Also, the instructors' form is ... um, well... let's just say it's not perfect. Also, the setting is all gray concrete (think gutted office building) but with a rainbow assortment of props (pink light on one wall, orange and blue mats, pink weights, green balls). I don't mind the gray set, actually, but I like a more cohesive color scheme for props.