Canyon Ranch: Yoga for Strength & Energy

Evette Shuk
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Yoga

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This dvd contains two 20ish minute yoga routines. Yvette leads this workout in a lovely outdoor desert set. There are no background exercisers but Yvette does a great job of providing various modifications. You wont need any equipment for these workouts.

Energy Stretch (22 min): This is a unique flowing total body yoga inspired stretch routine. Poses include: dancing seaweed, flowing chair, table top series, up and down dog, flowing stretches standing, kneeling, seated and lying.

Energetic Flow (24 min): This is a more standard yoga flow. Poses include: fire finger flow, up, down & 3 leg dog, warrior 1 & 2, eagle, crescent, and side angle pose.

This is an intermediate yoga routine that is appropriate for most exercisers. I enjoyed Evettes instruction style and appreciate that she provides multiple modification options and her cuing & form reminders are excellent. The variety between the two workouts & the gorgeous outdoor scenery definitely add to this dvd. I received this dvd to review.