TapouT XT: Muay Thai

Mike Karpenko
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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Mike leads this 40 minute MMA Thai "combat" workout in a MMA gym set with a group of exercisers. You will need optional weighted gloves. There are music and subtitle options and an on-screen countdown timer. Some exercisers workout barefoot.

This fun workout is packed with punches, kicks, & elbow & knee strikes; additional exercises include: 1 leg plank hop ins, low lunge knee pulls & punch, long jump to burpee & plank walk ups, and the 100 second killer move is a squat punch & kick combo. Mike adds in jump switches and some plyo moves to the combos to keep the heart rate up.

I rate this a solid to hi intermediate workout that is fast paced and Mike really keeps things moving along. Great variety and I found this workout to be unique and fun. Mike provides good form pointers & allows for water breaks. I received this dvd to review.