Flex and Core

Gay Gasper
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Athletic Stretch , Total Body Workouts, Yoga

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I wanted to like this DVD, I really did. After all, who couldnít use another workout geared at increasing flexibility and strengthening your core? That being said, I just didnít click with this DVD.

The DVD is well chaptered with three workouts, each about 12 minutes long. Workout #1 is a typical yoga vinyasa: sun salutations, planks, cobra, downward facing dog, triangles, etc. I enjoyed the flow, but didnít find it to be anything special. Workout #2 uses a band, and I had the hardest time getting the arch of my foot in my band and balancing well enough to reach my arms over my head (like she did) while lifting my leg with the band toward the back wall -- it just wasnít working for me. I could lift my leg to the side okay, but even keeping my leg straight while lifting to the front was a challenge; maybe I *NEED* to work on my flexibility! In any event, I didnít enjoy the standing work, and I didnít care for the floor exercises, either. Workout #3 started with crow (from a squatting position, you place your forearms on your thighs and try to lift your buttocks and thighs in the air until you are finally able to lift your feet off the floor.) I think this is one of the most challenging yoga positions out there (this, and headstands), and since Iím not at that level, I didnít attempt to do any more of the last workout, particularly since I was ďehĒ on the first two workouts.

While this workout DVD didnít work for me personally, it might be just the ticket for someone looking for a challenge.

Debbie J