10 Minute Solution Cardio Hip Hop

Heather Graham
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Heather leads each of these five 10 minute segments in an open room. You wont need any equipment for this workout. The first segment is standing core done hip hop style and the remaining four are cardio hip hop.

Hip Hop 101: this is a fun core focused routine. Exercises include: hip shifts, hip tilts, isolations, hip rolls, & standing crunches. After you learn the moves you add some hip hop flair & string them together into a routine.

House Party: This routine is comprised of leg swings, slice arms, pony, and body rolls. A fun active dance combo.

Signature Moves: Moves include: girly walk, hop pump, cowgirl, teaser walk, & sassy step. After learning the moves you string them together into a fun dance routine.

Hip Hop Jam: Exercises include: body rolls, skater steps, march around, & hip brushes. Learn the exercises & then put it together in a fun dance combo.

Street Style: Heather teaches you: hip shifts, swipe & duck, body rolls, elbow pull, wide march & chest & booty pops and then puts them together into a routine. This was a fun & active routine.

I found this workout to be beginner in terms of intensity and intermediate in terms of choreography. Heather's cuing is good so I actually had no problems picking up the choreo and I have virtually no dancing skills. Each segment is very different and I LOVE that the 1st is standing core. This one is a keeper for me- something fun & different than my norm. I received this dvd to review.