More Than Mat Pilates Beginner

Sarah Picot
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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This dvd translates moves traditionally done on Pilates equipment to the mat. There are several menu choices that are mainly for the exerciser's background information (Principles, How to get the most from this dvd, Interview). I do wish the Fundamentals/Warm-up were simply "attached' to the beginning of each workout, instead of a separate menu option. This dvd says "no equipment" but I strongly recommend using a paper plate or gliding disc for the Footwork -- makes it so much better/more comfortable! Please note, both workouts on this disc are IDENTICAL. In the More Than Mat workout, there are breaks between each move where it is demonstrated on Pilates equipment. There is more detailed cueing, and it is slower-paced. The Cardio Flow removes those breaks and Picot performs the moves without the background modifier, more quickly-paced and without the depth of instruction. The music is pretty good on this dvd; the MTM segment has a Celtic-inspired instrumental, and the CF segment has an instrumental light-rock. The instruction in this dvd goes back and forth from voice-over (when Picot is demonstrating) to "lecture-style" where Picot is seated in front of some Pilates equipment, "teaching" 1-on-1 like a trainer. Most of the moves have names posted on the screen. The dvd recommends you do the MTM segment 3-5x a week for 6 weeks before moving on to the Cardio Flow segment, but I found that after doing the MTM 2x, I was tired of the slow pace and all the breaks. The CF segment is great for add-ons or a short workout, but the MTM segment is mainly instructional, in my opinion.

Instructor Comments:
Picot is clear and knowledgeable, and her form & execution are lovely.