V. Method Cardio Vusion

Vicki Vara
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Ballet/Barre

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This fun, high-energy workout is chaptered as follows: (1) Full Workout; (2) Cardio Interval; (3) Lower Body; (4) Abs & Core. Instructor Vicki Vara begins the workout with plies: plies with front arm raises, plies with overhead arm raises, plies criss-crossing arms in front of you, and plie pulses. Next we reach on the diagonal with shallow lunges, reach with step taps … and then it’s back to plies with heel raises and arm circles. Vicki follows this up with “ballet jumps”, but I don’t jump, so I just continued with plies pulses. Then we move to the barre for lower body workout where we begin with … plies! Vicki adds a side-to-side “hip shake” movement that reminded me of Physique 57. Next is leaning on the barre for single leg lifts and curls, side leg lifts, and then a nice stretch before working the other leg. Finally some plies squats and another nice stretch before moving to the floor for core work: pushups, down-dogs, split-dogs, planks, birddogs, side planks, and c-curve sit-ups. One modifier used two-pound weights for some of the work. This was an excellent low-impact cardio and toning workout, one that I will definitely reach for again!!

Instructor Comments:
Vicki was enthusiastic and had great energy throughout the workout; made me want to try just a little harder! :-)

Debbie J