DeltaFit Speed Shred

B.J. Gaddour
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

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A bit about me:
Iím 51 and have done cardio and strength on & off since my 20s, more regularly the last four years, when I added in a daily yoga practice. Iíve done CLX, part of P90X, a lot of Valerie Watersí programs, and a mix of other circuit workouts (favorites: Atletica, Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp, KCM Circuit Burn). At one point I started doing more intense circuits (Katami 4x4 Bootcamp, Goudeau Lean Hot Body, Dozois Peak 10), but I burned out quickly. They are just more intense than I want to work. Iíd classify myself as a strong intermediate Ė and happy to stay that way.

Workouts in the Program (18 workouts on 8 discs):
Main Workouts (all are 30 minutes Ė for more specifics see first page of large DeltaFit thread):
Phase 1 (on 1 dvd)
Workout A: Pure Power
Workout B: Super Strength
Workout C: Extreme Endurance

Phase 2 (on 1 dvd)
Workout A: Mad Minute Meltdowns
Workout B: Metabolic Matrix
Workout C: Calorie Crushing Combos

Phase 3 (on 1 dvd)
Workout A: 3-Move Mayhem
Workout B: The Six-Pack Sizzler
Workout C: Speed Shred Supersets

H.E.A.T. Workouts (ďoptionalĒ workouts on off-days of rotation) (on 1 dvd)
Workout A: Sweat and Stretch (28 minutes)
Workout B: Combat Cardio (40 minutes)
Workout C: Ultimate Isometrics (36 minutes)

Extra Workouts
Ultimate BodyWeight Workout (1 dvd) (45 min)
Ultimate Kettlebell Workout (1 dvd)
Contains 3 workouts: The Beginner Workout, The Advanced Workout, and Kettlebell Cardio
Ultimate Bootcamp Workout (1 dvd)
The Workout from Hell (1 dvd) (60 min)

I was away for a couple of months this summer, and did not keep up with regular strength training. This program has been perfect for re-starting strength. The first Phase is excellent at easing me back up to speed.
I have completed 2 weeks of Phase 1, and have previewed the main workouts from Phases 2 & 3, Ultimate Body-Weight & the Ultimate Kettlebell workouts. From everything Iíve done Ė and previewed Ė I love this program!

(The only workout I didnít like so far, is Phase 2A: Mad-Minute Meltdowns Ė too much jumping for me; Iíll sub the Ultimate Body Weight instead. I imagine I wonít like the Workout from Hell or the Ultimate Bootcamp Ė too many plyos and jumping.)

Iím following the rotation, using the main workouts for each Phase, and adding some power walking afterwards, but Iím not adding in any of the extra workouts. I do yoga and some walking on other days.

The Phase 1 workouts are not advanced, but they are great for where I am. They are adaptable, too (see below). Phase 2 looks much more challenging, so Iím glad Phase 1 will get me prepared.

The first week, I followed the Phase 1 workouts ďas-is.Ē The second week, I increased the intensity by either increasing time (Workout A: Pure Power Ė I do the exercises for 30 seconds, with 30 seconds rest), or increasing weights (Workouts B & C). All three workouts allow me to go at a pace that is challenging/intense for me, and are short enough that I donít feel wiped out. I feel I get a good total body workout from all of them. I added a 20 minute power walk after each of these workouts, to get in more cardio.

What I ESPECIALLY LIKE about the main workouts (Phases 1, 2, 3):
*All the workouts are short (30 min) Ė which I need because Iím very time-pressed. When I do have time, I can easily add cardio after.
* All the workouts are total-body circuits (I love circuits and I donít like splits, so this is great!)
* Most of the workouts have good cardio effect (efficient!)
* Most do not have a lot of plyo moves (and those that do seem modifiable; I have modified a lot of the jumps in Pure Power with no problem).
* Seem adaptable to a range of levels Ė moves get progressively more difficult over the cycles, but you can always stay with the earlier moves. B.J. frequently reminds you about this, and he also offers tips for modifications. To make them more difficult, you can increase weights, and/or do the more advanced moves in the earlier circuits, and/or keep moving during the rest periods.
* Some good kettlebell-type whole body movements (swings, half-turkish get-ups)
* Emphasis on large muscle groups and push-pull movements
* Some creative core moves
* Controlled pace
* I love B.J.! Great with instructions and he makes me laugh.

Things that SOME MAY NOT LIKE, but donít bother me:
* B.J. can be quite nutty with some of his comments. I find him funny! But some may not.
* You can hear someone off camera giving instructions/ counting down in some of the workouts.
* No warm-ups Ė although for many of the workouts B.J. says that the first circuit contains "warm-up" variations of the exercises, so can serve as warm-up
* No cool-downs (this works for me because I always do my own cool-downs with yoga)