JNL Fusion: 10 Minute Total Body

Jennifer Nicole Lee
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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There is no question that Jennifer N. Lee is in amazing shape and I'm sure her DVD program is solid...however her credibility and likeability is weak. She made a splash in fitness infomercials with the Ab Circle Pro back in 2009 but she made false claims in those commercials and the FCC slapped a significant lawsuit on her. She is a fitness model and claimed that she developed her amazing body solely with the Ab Circle Pro...JNL, that's a lie and against the law.

After that campaign she endorsed some clever yet gimicky push up product that was a total failure. Now she's trying to copy P90X and Insanity with this DVD program...I'm sure its legitimate but does the world really need another living room, jumping jacks, push up program that costs $130? No, of course not...sorry JNL, you are about 4 years late to this party. P90X is the leader in this space and if you don't want to have to purchase equipment then Insanity is the answer. How about a little innovation in home fitness instead of more copy cats? By the way, it costs about $3 to print those DVD's and you are paying over $120 for them...do the math, buyer beware.



This is a 10 min total body + cardio workout. Jennifer leads this workout in a gym with a group background exercisers. You will need an optional cordless rope & dumbbells for this workout. Modifications are shown, including a band option. Music options are available.

Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds and she alternates upper body, lower body, and cardio. Exercises include: military press, squats, speed rope, bi curls, dips, plyo scissors, French press, deadlift, hi knee run, rows, weighted elbow to knee pulls, and burpees w/a 180 jump.

I rate this a high intermediate workout; intensity can vary depending on poundage used. Love the athletic nature & straight forward get it done exercises in this workout. Great as an add-on or for days that are short on time. Accomplishes a lot in only 10 minutes- do it 2ce for double your calorie burn! Jennifer has a great energy and is very motivating. I received this dvd to review.