Dance Tonic

Melanie Douglass
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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have been doing harder workouts for me in a rotation every other day. So, I have been doing "easy workouts" in between those. I already have some hidden gems that have been great and thought I might find another one or two so that I would have more options in this type of rotation or pattern.

So, I decided to try Dance Tonic, a workout I have been wanting to try for awhile. I am a dance wanabee who has never really found a dance workout I really enjoy. I had hopes for this one because I liked the clips and I have Sculpt Tonic. I have enjoyed Sculpt Tonic enough to keep it and I hoped the same for the dance workout by this group.

There are two 30 min. workouts. Both follow the same formula: a warm up, 4 blocks comprised of a short dance combo and then a power move, jam, and then the finale where you put everything together. The dance moves are easy to follow and do yourself. I wish the modifier had given low impact alternatives a couple of times, but (a) the higher-impact moves aren't too overly impactful and (b) you can modify by just making the moves smaller. The power moves are definitely more intense and are one move repeated for a short period of time. For example, they do power lunges, plie pulses with heel clicks, planks, etc. A modifier does show easier options during the power moves. The dance segments combine to create one combo which is performed several times in the finale. The only posing is done at the end so that the finale ends with the music. There is no cool down; the workut ends with the finale. I would consider this an intermediate workout. It could be made harder by just making the moves bigger.

The moves are easy to follow, but there isn't a whole lot of cueing. They do call some segments by a cute name and then cue wiwth that name. The music is standard techno-ish, but still a step above the average. It seemed to add to the workout. The instructors are motivating and encouraging. Since you are building a dance combo, everything isn't performed on the right and then the left. They do alter which side they start on in different segments, so my body felt balanced at the end. And, thank goodness! I am SO VERY tired of workouts that insist on doing everything on the right side and then repeating the exact same segment on the left.

Overall, I felt "meh" about the workouts on this DVD rather than having the love I thought I would. For some who want an easier dance workout that isn't too hard to follow, but that give the option of raising the heartrate with those power moves, this might be the right workout. Most people will probably want to take a pass on this.

Instructor Comments:
They are pretty good. Not great, but better than average. I think they are better than the workout.

Laura S.