Qi Gong for Energy

Lee Holden

Categories: Special Health Conditions , Tai Chi / Qigong

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It's been a while since I did this one but I enjoyed it. I found it almost relaxing so not sure about the energy title! The moves were typical of his other dvds but some had moves where he encourages you to bend the knees more if you can to go deeper. He also does different types of breathing that he intersperses throughout the program. I did this to wake up for a half-day shift at work after being so tired the previous 3 days - I was nicely stretched out and relaxed. some of the moves I had trouble getting in the groove so to speak - he shows them slow but I still got a little confused but he says not to worry so I didn't! :-)

Instructor Comments:
I enjoy Lee Holden - he wears a loose t-shirt and either shorts or pants that are loose/comfy. He has a nice clear voice(does voiceover) and seems to be focused on showing the moves and not showing off his body.