Bellydancing for Fun and Fitness

Janine Rabbitt
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Bellydance

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I came across a copy of BELLYDANCING FOR FUN AND FITNESS tape and wanted to know more about the author.
When I looked her up, I saw the bad reviews. I think that the girls behind her represent the average person,who would not always be in sync. she herself seemed like a person who wanted the public to experience the dance period. I think the market she was aiming for has been misunderstood today.
I loved the structure of the tape and found it very easy to follow. From here I will probably look into a more sophisticated dance experience.
Thank you.. Rhea



I had heard very negative things about this video from other dancers (like they show it to their students as an illustration of what *not* to do)but I couldn't help myself, I *had* to see for myself. So I didn't actually *do* this video, I just watched it.

Oh dear. Where to start...

I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt, because it definitely seems to move off the shelf at the local video store, but I cannot in any way, shape or form recommend this video except as, you guessed it, an illustration of what *not* to do.

The video was made in 1993 and was produced by Janine's husband, singer Eddie Rabbitt. (Husband producing the video? Draw your own conclusions).

Lest anyone thinks I have an axe to grind, I've never met her personally, she seems like a nice woman, she just can't dance. She knows a lot of moves and is able to choreograph a piece (there's a 7 part performance at the end) but as I said, her technique is terrible. Her basic stance has feet turned out (NO! NO! NO! In ballet, fine, in bellydance feet point *forward*), she looks like she's arching her back to me (another No-no), her arms are limp and without grace, her combinations are just, well, weird. It pains me to think that unsuspecting women are buying this video and thinking they are learning bellydance from an experienced dancer.

Instructor Comments:
While she says she has been dancing for 10 years, her technique in this video is atrocious.

Renee Drellishak