RKS: Reinhardt Kettlebell System- Disc 7

Owen Evans
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Kettlebell

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This disk is the 7th of 8 in the RKS Kettlebell System. It consists of workout 13 and workout 14. Both are pretty strenuous, but as long as you pick the right kettlebell and work through the workouts leading up to these, you will be fine.

Workout 13 (27 minutes 30 seconds)
This workout is 2 parts. In part 1, you perform a clean and press ladder up to 5 reps on the right then a ladder up to 5 reps on the left followed by a 60 second break. Repeat this as many times as you can in 15 minutes. The second part of the workout is 15 rounds of swings of your choice. Swing for 30 seconds, rest for 15 seconds. Owen tells us to push it and try to get 20-22 swings in each 30 seconds. Finish off with a 30 second rest before heading into your cool down.

This was a very strenuous workout for me. The clean and press ladder really works you out. By the end, I was almost to the point of failure on the presses. I really welcomed the swings since it almost seemed like a break. I chose to do left, right then double arm swings. My heart rate got up there and I had to extend my breaks slightly to bring my heart rate back down. I was not able to do the 20-22 swings in 30 seconds, I ended up doing about 18 each set.

Workout 14 (24 minutes)
This is a conditioning routine. It consists of a complex of 5 exercises of 30 seconds each performed on the right, then repeated on the left, followed by 1 minute rest. This is repeated 4 times. Exercises are clean and squat, single leg dead lift, push press, overhead lunge then high pulls or swings. Owen wants you to run the whole way through the complex without taking a break.

This is the longest "set" so far. You end up exercising for 5 minutes straight each time you do a complex. It doesn't sound like that much, but my heart rate was up there by the time I did the swings. This was the hardest routine so far. I chose to do the swings instead of the high pulls. With each set, my heart rate hit my target high heart rate a little earlier.

Instructor Comments:
I'm not a big fan of the voice over. I know that it would probably be more difficult to record the sound with the workout, but I would prefer it. I also noticed that one these workouts, Owen does not give cues each time it is time to switch hands or exercises. I don't like to face the TV while working out just in case I lose my grip on the kettlebell. So it makes it more difficult for me to sync up my hand changes.