RKS: Reinhardt Kettlebell System- Disc 3

Owen Evans
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Kettlebell

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This is disk 3 of the in the RKS Kettlebell System set. It contains workouts 5 and 6. If you are following the schedule, this would be week 2 of the program. I'm not following the schedule.

Workout 5 is a strength building workout that uses just 2 exercises, the kettlebell press and the 1 handed swing. In the first 15 minutes of the workout, you do a ladder (1 right, 1 left, 2 right, 2 left, 3 right 3 left) of kettlebell presses. You do as many as you can in that 15 minutes and rest whenever you need it. There's a 1 minute rest then you are right into the 1 handed swing for the remaining 15 minutes. As with the presses, you rest whenever you need a break. I really felt this workout the next day. My upper trapezius muscle was really sore. The 15 minutes allowed me to work to exhaustion with the press. The swings really got my heart rate going. I also felt the swings in my core.

Workout 6 is a bit more complicated. This is for conditioning and consists of 5 exercises. You do each exercise for 40 seconds and take a 20 second break between exercises. You do the circuit 3 times with a 1 minute rest between each circuit. If you are following the schedule, then you will do this workout right after workout 5. I'm not a big fan of having these right after each other since my traps were still pretty sore from workout 5. But I powered through it. This really got my heart rate up and I felt pretty good afterwards. I was concerned that this is only 17 minutes long, but you put a warm up and a cool down on it and you are up around 25 minutes.

As with the other disks, I feel that they should have a bit more instruction in the video. They do show each exercise while resting, but I would prefer to have additional instruction.

Instructor Comments:
Owen has great form. His assistants don't have as good form as he does, but it's pretty good. There are good pointers given throughout the workout.



This disc contains two workouts, both done in the fabulous outdoor set overlooking the city.These workouts are done voiceover and there are 2 backgrounders that give you a side view of their form. The disc also includes a w/u & c/d and music options. You will only need a kettlebell for these workouts and they are performed barefoot. The discs come in a very secure cardboard book that keep everything safe.

Workout Five: (31 min) This is a strength ladder workout (1 rep right- 1 left, 2 right- 2 left, and then 3 right- 3 left) . Exercises include Kettlebell press for 15 min and then one hand swings for the remaining 15 minutes with a 1 minute rest in between. You can rest as needed during the w/o.

Workout Six: (17 min) This is a conditioning workout where you perform each exercise for 40 seconds followed by 20 seconds of rest. You perform the circuit 3 times with a 1 min rest in between. Exercises include 2 hand swings, push press- 20 seconds per side, alternating side lunge, rows -20 seconds per side, and squatting burpees.

As always excellent and form pointers! Lots of great full body strength exercises that provides a great cardio benefit-some of these have me huffing & puffing! The workouts in the set are very different from each other & provide great variety! This set is totally appropriate for the beginner through advanced exerciser as it includes an instructional dvd and you can easily adjust the intensity of your workout depending on the weight of your bell. And the timed intervals allow you go at your own pace. I received this dvd to review.