RKS: Reinhardt Kettlebell System- Disc 2

Owen Evans
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Kettlebell

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This disc contains two workouts, both done in a very cool outdoor set overlooking a city.These workouts are done voiceover and there are 2 backgrounders that give you a side view of their form. The disc also includes a w/u & c/d and music options. You will only need a kettlebell for these workouts and they are performed barefoot. The set comes in a very nice secure cardboard book that keeps the discs safely in place.

Workout Three: (28 min) Two exercises are performed back to back followed by a 30 second rest. Exercises are 1/2 getups & goblet squats, suitcase deadlifts & goblet dips, and wipers (with the option of holding your kettlebell over your chest) and leg drops.

Workout Four: (10 min) This is a challenge workout. You perform a group of exercises (as many times through as possible) and rest as needed. Exercises include: 5 rows each hand, 10 squatting burpees, pushups, and swings.

SUPERB cuing and form pointers, straight to the point strength work that provides a fabulous cardio benefit. Get a great workout in under 30 minutes and if you are feeling up to it- you can do the entire disc in under 40 minute! This set is perfect for the beginner through advanced exerciser as it includes an instructional dvd and you can easily adjust the intensity of your workout depending on the weight of your bell. And because they are timed intervals- you can go at your own pace. I received this dvd to review.