Drop Set Strength

Amy Bento
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This 89 minute workout is superbly chaptered (each body part has its own segment) and contains multiple premixes! Amy leads this workout alone and you will need (at least) 3 sets of dumbbells and a step or weight bench. Each exercise is performed for 8 reps at your heaviest weight, 10 at a medium weight, and 12 reps of your lightest poundage. Some modification options are given.

The pace is perfect- not much down time & keeps you moving so your heart rate is elevated. Exercises include: sumo squats, Bulgarian lunges, single leg deadlifts, bench press punches, pushups, flys, rows, double V, lat pushed bridges, Arnold press, concentrated curls, halo chops, plan moguls, and tri pushpus. Amy does a great job of altering each set to hit the muscles in a slightly different way and really work you!

I rate this workout appropriate for intermediate and advanced exercisers -just choose your poundage accordingly. I like the variety within each exercise and the unique moves that Amy incorporates. Very thorough and I can tell that is working my muscles in a new way. Amy shares what poundage she is using which is a great guide. Amy is, as always, an excellent instructor with great cuing & motivation! I received this dvd to review.