The Firm: Flat Abs Solution

Rebekah Sturkie
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Abs/Core

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This dvd has five core workouts all led by Rebeckah w/ 2 background MI’s in a nice white brick set. You will need dumbbells for some of the workouts and Allie performs exercise modifications. Each w/o contains its own short warm-up & cool-down. It also includes a bonus downloadable 10 min ab w/o.

Cardio to the Core (20 min) Rebeckah adds weights to core work and cardio exercises for this fun multi-tasker. Exercises include: burpee w/ pendulum planks, weighted squat & chops, plyo squats, moguls, hi knees, standing crunches, toe hops, and oblique pinches.

Core Toner (10 min) Using dumbbells amps up the work in this floor core routine. Exercises include boat pose passing weight under legs, weighted situps, chops, toe drops, bike, pushup – plank knee pulls, plank & diagonal knee pull.

FIRM and Flat Abs (10 min) Light weights are used in this functional core routine. Exercises include: kneeling chops, surrenders adding a standing knee pull, lunge picking up weights from floor, standing back extensions, windmill arm side bends, and figure 8′s.

Boot Camp Burn (10 min) This is a great core & cardio w/o that uses light weights. Exercises include: plank side knee pulls, bob & weave w/ knee pulls, balance knee ins, and burpees.

Flat Belly Sculptor (10 min) Flatten your abs from the inside out with moves that so efficient and effective you’ll feel your core tightening as you work out!

Rebeckah does a great job of building the intensity of the exercises- keeping this a solid intermediate that is appropriate for most all exercisers- just choose your level. I found this very different from any of the other Firm core workouts and really enjoyed the unique variety of exercises in each section. I LOVE core cardio and was thrilled that this included 2 sections that fit that bill. I only heard 2 small woo’s from Rebeckah and she is a fantastic lead! I received this dvd to review.