JNL Fusion: Kiss My Abs Express

Jennifer Nicole Lee
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Abs/Core

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This is a 4 min standing & floor core routine. Jennifer leads in a gym w/ a group of background exercisers. You will need a towel for some of the ab work. There are music options available and modifications are performed.

Keeping in the JNL style- each stretch is performed for 30 seconds. She alternates standing & floor core work and really makes the most of under 5 minutes. Exercises include: elbow to knee pull down, bicycle, elbow to hip pull down, V crunches, & torso twists.

This is a great quick ab workout that is appropriate for all fitness levels. Jennifer is a great lead and provides great form & breathing reminders. Great variety of exercises and no wasted time. Great for those days when you dont have a lot of time but want to get in some ab work. I received this dvd to review.