JNL Fusion: Kiss My Abs

Jennifer Nicole Lee
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Abs/Core

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Instructor Comments:



This is one of the bonus discs included in the set. This disc contains two 8 minute core workouts: Ab Shredder & Core Complete. Jennifer leads this workout in a gym with a group background exercisers. You will need a towel to hold for some of the core work. Music options are available.

These two workouts alternates floor and standing core exercises. Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds with very little rest in between moves. Exercises include: elbow to knee pull pull, crunches, leg raise toe touches, elbow to hip pull, V twists, crab knee pulls, plank knee pulls, bike, standing torso twists, and V holds.

I rate these solid intermediate workouts. Different exercises in both workouts make these great for variety- I love doing some core work each day and love that the set includes multiple core workouts. Jennifer has a great energy, is very motivating and provides great form pointers. I love the 30 second format that really allows you to give each exercise your all with no boredom and no frantic transitions. I received this dvd to review.