Tae Bo Classic

Billly Blanks
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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This review is for the new Tae Bo Classic workout from Billy Blanks Do Jo Series. I'm just fresh off the workout and wanted to do a review. So I will start with the good. Yes, its a classic, no equipment needed and all the old school Tae Bo moves are back. Side kicks, round house kicks, punches. The warmup has the floor stretch but it goes fast. He doesn't hold the stretches long. Billy's new phrase is calling people , "cuz". Alot of the moves start with a 2-2 count so it was slow moving throughout the workout.

Now for the negative. As classic Tae Bo, there are uneven moves. He forgets to do one side of stationary oblique work! Also the crew starts out slow doing the right side kick but somehow mix up and do the other side. So the kick was uneven. Also, the background people are constantly getting off beat to the music. And billy has to stop them and start over but still its off. This wouldn't be so bad but the problem is with the volume of the music is soooo low that you can hardly hear the beat. And there were some technical difficulties with the mic. Um, when can people realize Billy needs a waterproof mic?LOL In one part of the workout it sounded like they tried to get the sound to go up but failed. The music is so boring too. Not energizing like the Tae Bo live series which we probably will never see.

Billy did make some funny comments about his tights in the original Tae Bo as well as reminding us of this old move and do we remember it? His end speech was all about how he invented Tae Bo and how he teaches athletes naming a few and how Tae Bo has changed fitness in that people think they are teaching tae bo but have renamed it to something else. He also talks about Tae Bo TV which is coming soon.

Billy's end cooldown stretch is more tai chi and similiar to his old school tae bo.

I would say its more intermediate in tempo but Billy does some fast round house kicks and front/back kicks which are more for the advanced exerciser. And guess what? There isn't Tae Bo instructional..hahaha...I think Billy knows we've had plenty of those!

Instructor Comments:
Billy is his usual self coming up to the camera and talking to you. He does go around and push his background people. He corrects them when the constantly get off beat. His microphone is sweaty which makes it more of a muffled sound. Its not that bad but still noticeable. He is in amazing shape. He is wearing those barefoot kind of shoes and a plain grey t-shirt and shirts. Gone are the spandex..lol

Mandy Lee