To the Max

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

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This workout is what I would call drill based, meaning doing repetitive motions X times in a row vs. doing combinations. For me, these types of workouts have very little in the way of fun factor, which contributes to dread factor. But, this seems to be quite a trend in workouts both in and out of the gym so it doesn't surprise me that Cathe has gone down this path.

The workout itself was intense; particulary the HIIT section. Those ten second rests go by so quickly when you're working that hard.

The set is my favorite of the Cathe window sets, overlooking a park on a sunny day. Music is Cathe's custom soundalikes of current hits.



This is a fully chaptered 53 minute workout & includes plenty of premixes. Cathe leads with 4 background exercisers in a nice gym set. You will need dumbbells, a step, a stretchy loop and gliding discs (or alternatives) for this workout. GREAT top 40 music!

The main workout chapters are: w/u, solid step, step tabata, 30/20 HiiT, Compound Leg Work, Core with Upper Body Focus, Stretch and the dvd contains 2 bonus segments: Low Impact Slide & Glide Tabata, and Fitness Tabata.

Exercises include: weighted lunge & punch, weighted lunges off the step, jump off & onto the step, disc jacks, disc climbers, fast pushups, squat & overhead press, step off squats w/ abduction & clean & press, walking pliets, plyo pliet heel clicks, plyo hopscotch, power turning squats off the step, band jacks, floor touch hops, chest fly sit ups, side plank & weighted press, and pliet & Arnold press.

This is an low- solid advanced workout that allows you to easily separate cardio, strength or a combo! Cathe provides great motivation, excellent cuing, and unique & original exercises. The various segments of the workout really make the time fly- no clock-watching! LOVE the awesome tabata segments that really get the job done in a short amount of time. Cathe provides enough reps to get the job done but does not "rep you to death"- perfectly balanced . I found the choreography easy to follow but not boring. I received this dvd to review.