Fuse Dance: Cardio Lean

Tracey Mallett
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This DVD contains two workouts: Slender Body Burn (which runs around 25 minutes) and Sleek Physique (which runs around 31 minutes). You have the option to "play all" or pick an individual segment. Just know that if you choose to do only one segment at a time, Slender Body Burn contains the warm-up but no cool down, and Sleek Physique does not have a warm-up, but contains the cool down. Once the individual segment you have chosen is over, it will bring you back to the main menu.

These workouts are low impact and are done barefoot with no weights; you only need a mat for the floor work. The repetitions are just enough to feel the burn, but for the most part are not overkill (other than one curtsy lunge segment which I'll address below). There are 5 background exercisers with Tracy, with one named Erica who is the modifier. The moves are straight forward; no complex choreography here!

Slender Body Burn (25 min) is a non-stop toning workout with a cardio and balance element that felt lower body focused, though the arms got a workout too by always being held up, out, or in some ballet type position. I would consider this a low-intermediate workout. There are lots of plies, low squats with pulses, curtsy lunges, side leg lifts/pulses, planks and standing oblique/waist work. Overall, I found this workout fun, it got my heart rate up and really worked my legs.

Sleek Physique (31 min) is an all floor workout focusing on the abs, thighs and butt. The moves are mostly non-traditional pilates/ballet type moves with some traditional leg lifts (a la Jane Fonda as Tracy mentions) thrown in. It begins with core work in a seated position, leg work in a seated position (which I felt in my quads) where you sit up with legs straight out in front of you and lift the each leg up off the floor then pulse, leg/inner thigh work while lying down, the pretzel, tricep dips in table top position while lifting and lowering each leg, and various leg lifts/pulses and donkey kicks from various angles while on all fours, including some brutal fire hydrant lifts/pulses while doing push-ups! It ends in plank position on the elbows with alternating leg lifts. The cool down was thorough and felt great.

While I mostly have nothing but positive things to say about this workout: it was fun, upbeat and I absolutely loved the floor segment, which was my favorite part of the whole workout, I do have just a couple of critiques, one of which may not even apply to others, as follows:

First, there is a portion of the workout towards the beginning of Slender Body Burn where you're doing some moves while in down dog position. I had trouble with knowing what I was supposed to be doing, as I couldn't tell based on the cues and I was not looking at the screen. I had to stop for a minute to see what I was supposed to be doing and then jump back into the workout.

Second, I found that as the day went on, my knees really started to hurt and I suspect it was from all the curtsy lunges in Slender Body Burn. This may not be an issue for others, but just be aware that there are lots of them so if you have bad knees, just be weary.

Overall, I really liked the workout! As I mentioned above, I loved the floor segment. I would find myself reaching for that portion more often as I'm afraid to bother my knees again, but can see myself doing the first portion from time to time as well.

Instructor Comments:
Tracy is sweet, graceful and encouraging.



This dvd includes two workouts- one on the floor and one a standing cardio & sculpt routine. Tracey works out with 5 b/g exercisers in a nice open studio. You won't need any equipment for these workouts and both are performed barefoot. A warmup & cooldown are also included

Total Toned Body: (26 min) This easy to follow cardio dance & ballet toning fusion workout includes some great balance work. Exercises includes: pliet & squat pulses, plank & pike series, pike leg pulses, standing leg raises, step tap, oblique knee puls, standing crunches, and hip shifts. Tracey adds big arm movements to get the heart going.

Sleek Physique: (31 min) This Floor work routine focuses on the lower body & core. Lying ballet & pilates inspired exercises include: pilates leg variations, frog legs, pretzel, tri dip variations, table top knee pulls, donkey kick variations adding pushups, and a plank series.

I rate this a high beginner workout that is suitable for most all exercisers. Like Tracey's Cardio melt workout, I found it to be a very unique fusion that flows very well together. This dvd is a great compliment to Cardio Melt with a bigger emphasis on toning. She is an excellent and encouraging instructor and you can tell she is really having a good time in these workouts.