Give Me 10: Core Cuts

Amy Dixon
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Abs/Core

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Lindsey provided an excellent breakdown of 5 of the sections - i'm going to add in one of the sections entitled "AB-solutely Perfect Pilates which appeared between the Hard Core Definitions and Yoga Six Pack segments.

This entire segment is floor pilates mat work. There’s a mix of traditional and creative moves that work the core. Listed below are the moves:
• she calls this a tabletop position where you’re supine on the floor, you lean back and your legs are bent in the tabletop position. you push legs in and out, shins parallel to the ceiling
• the hundred
• 8 roll ups
• Sitting on the mat, you lean back, w/ c-curve position spine w/shoulders off the mat, sweep arms above head and then in front
• Sitting on the mat, you lean back, w/c-curve spine, genie arms, you twist to the right and to the left
• Same position as the previous move, you shift torso up and down, arms straight in front, parallel to floor
• Same position as the previous one, you have straight arms out and sweep right arm to the right, and back, then the left arm

Stomach series: you lay down, but your shoulders are slightly elevated
• alternating single bent leg pulls
• Double leg tucks: legs start in the tucked in position, arms at your sides, then you sweep your arms sweep out to the sides all the way above head while straightening your legs out, then back into the starting position
• around 16 pilates straight single leg pulls
• same position as last one, you have straight arms with fingers entwined, you swing it over the leg that you pull toward you, then switch
• both legs lift and lower, hands under buttocks
• bicycles
• in bridge position, lift hips up and down
• in bridge position, one leg bent, the other straight, and you lift the straight leg up and down; then you switch legs.
brief back roll with legs tucked toward the chest to massage the back on the floor.

in this pilates segment, between moves i would quickly stretch my neck by laying flat on the floor then looking to the left/right as if nodding "no." Amy doesn't do much stretching, so if you want that, you need to do it on your own (see below).


She doesn't have any warm-ups or cool downs. i'm not sure whether you need a warm up, but if you choose the "Play All" choice from the main menu, the first segment is pretty low key, and the other 5 segments that follow progress into more challenging moves. if you choose one segment, the nice thing is that Amy gets right into it and at least you won't be wasting your time warming up or cooling down. despite this, it would have been nice to have SOME stretches at the end of each segment.

i liked the last 3 segments, beginning with the "Tight n' Toned Tummy section. it seemed more fun and creative, and was sort of kettlebell inspired where you're swinging the dumbbell and doing snatches.

the stability ball sections were good and some of the moves were advanced where you're leaning on the ball with your forearms, legs in pike position, rolling in and out. there's some bridges where 1 leg is on the ball and you roll the ball using your heel.

Instructor Comments:
Amy is very motivating, gets down to business, and she's sweating along with you! She has a pleasant demeanor and i also like that when she says "you're almost done" she means it - she only says it when you're on the last move before the segment concludes.



This dvd contains six 10-12 minute core focused workouts. Amy leads with 3 backgrounders, one providing beginner modifications. The set is an open studio and you will need a stability ball and dumbbells for some of the segments.

Hard Core Definitions: This is a traditional floor core routine. Exercises include: crunch variations, bike, leg drops, Turkish getups, plank variations, and a low back series.

Yoga 6 Pack: This is a standing & floor core focused yoga routine. Exercises include: tree pose & side bend, triangle side bends, warrior 3 & knee pull, some great balance work, down dog knee pulls, side plank leg raises, and a table top series.

Tight n’ Toned Tummy: This is a weighted core focused routine that will also hit other muscle groups. Exercises include: curtsy & chop, side lunge & overhead reach, side bend leg raises, plank rows & press or snatch, Russian twists, and V sit dumbell pass through.

Core Ball Breakthrough: This standing & floor ball routine fully utilizes the ball. Exercises include: standing twists, deadlift series, hi plank series, dip & side bends, squat & twists, plank & pike w/ knee pulls, and lo back work.

Core Ball Blast: This floor ball routine uses the ball in many fun & effective ways. Exercises include: crunch series, ball roll outs & pull ins, oblique work, bridge series, & kneeling lean backs.

This dvd offers a lot of great core work and also hits other muscles as well. The pace in these workouts is quick so you really dont waste any time. Amy is a great lead with great cuing. I rate these routines intermediate to high intermediate but a mod always shows options! I received this dvd to review.