Pilates for Buff Bones

Rebekah Rotstein
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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If you're looking for a mellow, soothing, stretchy Pilates workout, Pilates for Buff Bones might fit the bill. The set is nice (bright, wooden floors, good wardrobe). Rebekah starts out slowly, with a good amount of stretching (I've never seen anyone EVER give that many steps to get from standing to down on one's back), but the workout quickly becomes more upbeat/challenging.

From the main menu, you can choose the entire workout or you can choose one section at a time. The sections are:
GROUNDING -- some foot articulation, overhead stretching, hinging at waist, pelvic tilts
WARM-UP -- on the back: some alignment, stretching, bridge, hamstring stretches
ABDOMINALS -- the 100, single leg stretches, other leg movements with Pilates breathing
THE BACK -- flip to the stomach, does some leg kicks, lifting torso
THE HIPS -- Yay, for side-lying moves! Yay for "clamshells"! Good form tips.
ARMS & BUTTOCKS -- on all fours, some moves lying face-down, then moving from on the floor to standing
STANDING -- uses weights for part, a LOT of balance stuff. You do need a wall for part of this chapter. There was one odd-looking side-walking segment, a move she called "the Beyonce," as well as some silly things to "surprise the bone." You gotta see it to believe it... definitely moves I have NOT seen in a Pilates video before, LOL.

All in all, it's a pretty unique Pilates offering and fairly versatile with all the chaptering and variety. I found the moves incorporating weights in the Standing portion really enjoyable!

Instructor Comments:
Rebekah has a friendly, soothing voice. She goes into detail for many moves, giving tips on how to do things safely or correctly (which I appreciate). One backgrounder demonstrates easier modifications, one more challenging.