Turbo Fire: Greatest HIITs

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Turbo Fire “Greatest HIITs” is a 20 min. athletic cardio workout led by Chalene Johnson. It consists of 4 drills that are demoed/marked at low intensity and completed twice at high intensity w/ rests sequenced after each. The drills are from the footage of the TF HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts, and are edited neatly (smooth transitions). So while one sees the different cast members in each drill, it is not very distracting, visually (with such a large cast, it is not easy to pay much attention to any one person). The high intensity drills consist of mostly high impact exercises (jacks, burpees, tuck jumps) w/ arm patterns (punches, hand tap to floor), but there are always intensity/impact modifications demoed by one of the cast members. The workout is fast-paced and moves quickly from one drill to the next, w/o any dread during the drills (enough variety in different drills & they don’t repeat too many times). Chalene explains the form well during the mark/demo version of each drill, and provides encouragement when performing the drill at high intensity level. This workout also included a 10 minute stretch workout. I think this workout is good for those wanting a short cardio interval-type workout (alone or add-on to others), or those wanting to try a Turbo Fire HIIT workout (before potentially buying the set).

Step (tap) w/ arm extension forward/shoulder roll
Step Jab
Squats> add jack (in & out feet)
Sumo Squats> add jack
Squat, calf raise

Drill 1
Squat, Tuck Jump, out & in feet
Ski (fast switch of feet in split leg stance), alternating blocks (half turn jump w/ low punch)
Jacks, Air Jacks

Drill 2
Jacks w/ overhead arms, run (w/ high knees)
Alternating Lunge w/ hand tap to floor, then Overhead punch (alternating sides)
Lunge w/ High, Low Punch to side, jump to change feet.
Knee Raise hold, Run

Drill 3
Jacks, Air jacks
High, Low (tap floor) w/ alternating lunge> single reps, High, (other side) Low, jacks, repeat other side.
Squat w/ High Low, jump to switch sides.
Sumo Burpee

Drill 4
Quick Feet w/ arm push, forward & back
Run (side triple step w/ high knees), knee raise hold
High Low to side, jump to switch sides.
Sumo Jack (hands reach for floor) & Shoot (arms)
Sump Burpee
Tuck Jumps

Step Jab
Step Cross
Step Jab, alternate moving forward & back
Double Bob & Jab
Side lunge
Runner’s lunge
Hamstring stretch> Shoulder stretch
Hip flexor stretch> Shoulder stretch
Spinal roll to standing