Beautiful Belly

Hemalayaa Behl
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Abs/Core

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This workout is done in 3 12-minute circuits, or you can "play all". Hemalayaa describes this as a "dance and yoga workout" for the abs. The warmup, which is seperate from the 12 minute circuits, is standing Bollywood style cardio.

The 1st workout continues standing ab cardio, like bringing knee up to the elbow, with a little bangra bounce. Then you do some yoga, then back to cardio, then to the floor for pilates inspired moves.

The 2nd workout starts sitting on a cushion for yoga inspired twists and sitting forward folds, then standing cardio.

Each segment is different from the others, so it's not repetative.

There are lots of pelvic thrusts and pelvic tilts and that sort of thing.

Fun, energetic, a little high impact with some Bollywood hops, but not enough to bother me.

The instruction is a voice-over. Hemelayaa is on a carpet, you may need a mat if you don't have carpet.