Martial Fusion: Kickboxing Cardio Burn

Guillermo Gomez
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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Guillermo leads this 63 min kickboxing workout in an awesome open windowed set with Jessica Smith & 1 other b/ger. You wont need any equipment for this workout. Very good music & the cardio really works your core!

Guillermo does a fantastic job of adding in movement to the punch & kick combos to keep your heart rate up. You will learn a combo and then combine the combos to form a flowing kickbox routine. After a w/u, exercises include: various kick, block, and punch comobs, double jacks, jump rope, speed bag, fast feet punches, and a nice kicking routine at the end that I really felt in my glutes! He concludes with a stretch.

I rate this an intermediate workout that is super easy to modify up or down. I really like Guillermo and this one is even better than his last- great energy, fun combos that are not boring or repetitive but easy to follow & catch onto. His cuing & form pointers are superb. I can really see this being my go-to kickboxing workout. I received this dvd to review.