Canyon Ranch: Strong & Sculpted

Darcy McCue, Heather Schmidt
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Total Body Workouts, Yoga

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This dvd has three 20 min workouts: Yoga, Strength, led by Heather & Core led by Darcy. Each contains its own separate cooldown. You will only need dumbbells for this dvd and there are no background exercisers but modifications are offered. The w/o's take place in the gorgeous Tucson desert and comes complete with a Canyon Ranch meal guide & recipe booklet.

Yoga: This flowing yoga routine (not a vinyassa sun sal type routine) includes exercises such as: Mt, Goddess, 5 pt star, sun dive forward, childs pose, down dog, plank, side angle, 3 legged dog, side angle, and triangle. This is a good active pace yoga routine.

Strength: This is a solid, standard strength routine. You will complete 2 exercises (mostly combination moves) and then repeat them. Exercises include: squat & clean & press, side lunge & side raise, row & back fly, dip & front raise, curtsy & bi curl, lying tri press, tree pose & hammer curl, pushups & renegade rows. Heather provides a lot of instruction & information. Each exercise is performed for 8-12 reps.

Core: I really liked this core routine, though Darcy didnt do much for me. I also like the addition of weights. Exercises include: diagonal pull down, iso chair pose, figure 8, halo, 1 leg deadlift & overhead press, Mt climbers, side plank variations, plank knee pulls, table top series, pike knee pulls, low back work and burpee to pushups.

I rate these lower intermediate routines that would be great for beginners as well. Lots of variety and time options. The core exercises were a lot of fun, the strength work is solid but pretty standard, and the yoga is at a nice pace. I received this dvd to review.