Fat Burning Hip Hop MIx

Billy Blanks Jr.
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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I really like this one. Billy teaches the dance steps slowly and then speeds them up. I felt like you still get a good workout because of him speeding up the moves. There is TIFTing if you don't like that, but I didn't feel it was excessive. Music is OK, instrumental, but at least it gives a beat that the dancing goes along with. I feel like its a good high beginner/intermediate workout. Choreography is not as easy as say Leslie, but not as complicated as Christi taylor.

Instructor Comments:
I like him, he has good energy, good screen presence and cues well.



Billy leads this fun customizable 47 min workout with 6 background exercisers in a nice lighted studio. There are three 10 min sections and a 6 min section that combines the routines for an all out dance party. It also includes a separate w/u & c/d. You won't need any equipment for this workout.

The 1st 10 min segment (Basics) is straight forward hip hop that is easy to follow and fun! The next segment (Hip Hop Bollywood) is a unique combination of Bollywood style moves with classic hip hop dance. The final segment (Hip Hop Samba) combines hip hop dance with samba moves. The final 6 min segment includes the completed routines from the other segments for a complete dance routine.

I rate this a low intermediate workout in terms of both choreo and intensity. Billy includes a unique mix of hip hop with other genres to create a fun workout that moves along nicely. He is very encouraging & his cuing is great. Great "feel good" workout that is easy to modify up or down. I received this dvd to review.