Turbo Fire: Fire Starter

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Turbo Fire “Fire Starter” is a 37 min. athletic cardio workout led by Chalene Johnson. It is part of the 2 disc “Fire Starter” set, and is on the disc that includes the “Stretch 10” segment. This workout (and the set) was created for a low impact version of Turbo Fire, but also a way to introduce the primary TF exercises in a more controlled fashion (simple combos, pace is not super fast) and with more form pointers.

The workout consists of a warm-up, 3 combinations and cool-down. 1st combination consists of mostly punch variations, 2nd combination introduces various kicks w/ punches, and the 3rd combinations is a good mix of the punches, kicks & knee raises. There are mostly low impact exercises in the 3rd combination mixes in more power/hugh impact exercises (but low impact modifications always demoed). It is similar to Turbo Jam and Turbo choreography minus the dancey-type (booty/hip shake moves), so it has very athletic feel to it with a good flow. Chalene demos all exercises, and builds up the intensity & complexity nicely. She uses the cool-down to introduce some of the exercises that are prominent in the other Turbo Fire workouts. It is not a hardcore intensive workout, more of a fun, feel-good workout (moving entire time w/o overly repetitive feel to combos). Chalene is energetic and motivating, as usual, and takes time to discuss lots of form pointers (not just mindless chatter).

Music: high energy vocal

cast: about 12 or more people, there are cast members who demo low intensity and high intensity/impact modifications

set: looks like the same set as original Turbo Jam was filmed (brick walls w/ faux windows), w/ grey flooring & red/silver decor

Step tap w/ single arm extension forward
Double Bob (traveling 3 count side in plie position) & Jab> Cross punch> hip turn/lunge to face side> Hook> upper cut
3 alternating steps & (knee) strike> single strikes
Knee Raises> hold, extend leg forward> alternate shoulder circumduction w/ flat back & bent rear leg (hamstring stretch) and straighten rear leg> hamstring stretch> alternate overhead arm reach w/ straight legs (rear foot tap on floor) & pull-down into flexed/muscle arms (front leg w/ flexed heel)> alternate hip flexor w/ speedbag arms & hamstring stretch> side lunge w/ lawn mower arm (reach & pull)> work through both sides.

Combo 1
Jab, Cross> add Hook> add Upper Cut> all four at tempo, shuffle.
Alternating Step, Upper Cut> Alternate Jab side & Jab front.
Clockwork: Jab, Cross front> Jab, Cross side> 8 counts, then 4 counts> Lateral leaps> Jab, Cross, (other arm) Jab, Tap (front foot)> Twist (Jab, cross, jab, knee)> jump rope.
Repeat sequence on other side.

Combo 2
Double Bob> add wide knee> add jab (opposite arm crosses body), alternating sides> Single Jab Knee> add Swing to Double Bob (power arms to rear)
3 Marches, roundhouse kick, alternating sides.
Front kick, back kick, (other leg) front kick, wide knee> Triple Jab side, Cross punch, alternating sides.
Repeat sequence on other side.

Combo 3
2 knees w/ pull down arms, then 4 alternating cross punches (last punches down> 1 knee, High Low punch (1 overhead, other to floor).
2 knees/front leg, 2 knees/rear leg> 1 knee raise, 1 front kick, 1 knee (other leg), back kick> Front kick, back kick, (other leg) front kick, wide knee.
3 marches w/ arm push overhead, knee, alternating sides> alternating single knee smashes (overhead arms meet knee)> add power (run in place, power knee)> Clockwork: Jab, Cross front, Jab, Cross side, 4 reps each.
Repeat sequence on other side.

Alternating step out to side & in> step out into wide stance & in, other leg kick side.
Step touch> Fire Throw (alternating knee w/ arm push moves side to front).
Step Jab
Step Upper Cut
Side Lunge
Runner’s Lunge stretch> Hamstring Stretch.
Shoulder stretch (rotate shoulder inward, plie position)> spinal roll to standing position.