Turbo Fire: Low HIIT 25

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Turbo Fire “Low HIIT 25” is a 22 min. athletic cardio workout led by Chalene Johnson. It is part of the 2 disc “Fire Starter” set, and is on the disc that includes the “Low HIIT 20” workout and “Stretch 10” segment. This workout (and the set) was created for a low impact version of Turbo Fire, but also a way to introduce the primary TF exercises in a more controlled fashion (simple combos, pace is not super fast) and with more form pointers.

The workout consists of a brief warm-up with 3 drills, and cool-down. Drills 1 & 2 are completed 4 times, twice as a learning/recovery intensity, and twice with high intensity (alternate between two). Drill 3 has the high intensity completed 3 times, and the low intensity twice. It’s similar to Low HIIT 20, in that most of the exercise combinations consist of knee raise, lunge and squat variations mixed w/ arm patterns (punches, speedbag, hand tap to floor, single arm overhead) and standing abs exercises. There are lots of pulses in the lowered position of squats or lunges, transitions from low to floor to standing (up & down movement) and explosiveness/power added to the knee raises to increase intensity, and maintain the low impact focus on the workout. The workout goes by quickly, and the choreography has a good flow (uncomplicated but not boring). I use this workout as add-on to others, I could see using weighted gloves to increase the intensity in future workouts.

Music: high energy vocal

cast: about 12 or more people, there are cast members who demo low intensity and high intensity/impact modifications

set: looks like the same set as original Turbo Jam was filmed (brick walls w/ faux windows), w/ grey flooring & red decor

Low HIIT 25 (22 min.)

3 Squat pulses, knee raise> Squat, knee raise.
Sumo Squat w/ overhead arms.
Step tap w/ shoulder roll/single arm extension forward

1st drill
Step into front lunge, 2 pulses w/ speedbag arms, knee raise into rear lunge, 2 pulses w/ speedbag> Squat to change sides.
Rear lunge w/ hand tap to floor, then Power knee w/ single arm overhead> Curtsy Lunge, then Power Wide Knee.
3 Squat Pulses, Row> single reps.

2nd Drill
High Low (alternate high & low punch to side in plie position), 8 reps, then 4 reps
4 Jabs, Squat, Knee raise> Zig Zag, Rear Lunge, return to center with flexed/muscle arms
Jab Knee, single, double
High, Low (overhead punches in lunge position, then hand taps floor on low), alternating sides, 2 reps per exercise.

3rd Drill
Half Burpee (squat, hand on floor, extend leg rear, step back into squat, knee raise)
Alternating Wheel (Side bend w/ single arm reach to ankle) 3 reps, knee raise.
Alternating Cross Punches (3), knee raise.
Mud Run (side hop, land w/ 1 knee lifted), alternate Knee raise & rear lunge (2).

Step Jab, alternating.
Double Bob & Jab
Side Lunge> single reps then hold.
Hip Flexor stretch> Hamstring Stretch
Shoulder stretch (rotate shoulder inward, plie position)> spinal roll to standing position.