Cardio Karate: Cardio Complexes

Amy Bento
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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Amy leads this 56 min cardio workout w/ 2 backgrounders in a martial arts studio. You will need a few sets of light dumbbells or sandweights for this workout. Amy offers modifications for some exercises.

The workout is comprised of 6 pods. Each pod starts w/ an un-weighted base move and then progresses up to 2 lbs, then 3 lbs. Exercises include: hi block-punch-kick combo, slow & tempo lunges & blocks, cat stance, diagonal lunge & block- adding 1 plyo lunge in the combo, burpee to isometric sumo squat, side kick & back punch, and finishes with 17 minutes of cool down, stretch, & core work. The weighted core section includes:elbow strikes, crane oblique tilt, panther roll & kick outs, banana rolls, & triangle leg choke rollups.

I rate this an intermediate workout that could be modified up or down pretty easily. Amy is a great instructor and I really liked the unique ab work and structure of this workout. This one is a bit more choreographed than the others but I had no trouble following along. I received this dvd to review.