Cardio Karate: The Perfect Martial Arts Workout

JB Berns
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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JB works out alone in a nice Asian looking set. The 50 minute chaptered dvd contains: intro, hints, a 24 min workout, instruction, and more info. This is a great intro to the set and the workout portion can be performed every day as it is not strenuous on the body.

The 24 min workout is more of a true martial arts segment and shows the various stances & exercises you will use in the rest of the dvds. JB performs each exercise for 10 reps and then moves on to another. Exercises include: lots of hand & wrist stretches, breathing, squat & press, various strikes, neck stretches, plank to pike, chataranga variations, plank kick outs, and concludes w/ core work & the corpse pose.

I do consider the 24 min portion a workout and not instruction. It is good for beginners or for light days or to tack on to other programs. I rate it a beginner workout but appropriate for all fitnes levels. JB is obviously experienced with martial arts and it shows in this dvd. This is a good I received this dvd to review.