Xen Strength Yoga

Danielle Diamond
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Total Body Workouts, Yoga
- Audio Workout

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This workout is available as a download or dvd and comes with a thorough Zone Diet based meal plan. The chaptered dvd contains an upper body, lower body, and core workout. All segments combine yoga with light dumbbell strength work. Danielle works out alone but offers modifications for most exercises. The dvd is black & white and the set is white.

Upper Body Blast: (22 min) After a flowing vinyassa routine Danielle moves into yoga inspired upper body strength work. Exercises include: knee up squats & military press, warrior & press outs, triangle, tree & bi curl, balance side planks & raise, camel flow, plank with donkey kick hops.

Core Strength Plus Twisting Detox: (19 min) After a flowing vinyassa routine you move into yoga inspired core work. Exercises include: weighted knee pull to dip, 1 leg balance pose & bi curl, low twisting lunge, elbow to knee pull & chair pose, pyramid stance & back fly, standing splits & tap downs, seated spinal twist, seated pigeon, and another vinyassa to conclude. This is a nice active core routine.

Lower Body Balance Challenge: (28 min) After a flowing vinyassa routine Danielle moves into yoga inspired lower body strength work. warrior & tri kickbacks, eagle pose w/ goal post chest work, pliet & punch, elevator planks, shifting side lunges & row, gorilla walks, V sit to chair pose, twisting V sits, bridge & pec fly, and concludes w/ butterfly & corpse pose. Danielle includes some interspersed stretching.

I rate these intermediate workouts.. Each segment focuses on one body area but will also work other areas- and really hit the core. I really like Danielle's instruction style and really dig the black & white. Her cuing & form pointers are spot on and I found the routines to flow nicely. I received this dvd to review.



This is one challenging workout! I am not known for my balance and this workout really, really challenged it. The majority of the moves are holding a lower body pose while executing a weighted upper body/arm movements -- that isn't easy! There are 3 segments to this dvd (or you can play all): UPPER BODY BLAST, CORE STRENGTH & TWISTING DETOX, and LOWER BODY BALANCE CHALLENGE. I could see *to some extent* the relevance of the titles, but I felt that each segment worked upper, lower, core, and balance. As you can see in the preview, the workout is filmed in black and white (why?!); the music is very faint (at least on my t.v.) Danielle constantly cues and instructs -- I think this could be suitable for new yogis, but would be very challenging to someone new to exercise (though Danielle does say you simply modify down if you are a beginner.) If you are a sun salutation hater, do be forewarned that it is used for the warm-ups. There is some stretching at the end of each segment, but not a particularly long or relaxing one at any point (I think the longest stretch is at the end of the Lower Body chapter, which makes since since many people may use this as an hour-long workout.) I'm often drawn to yoga dvds that incorporate weights and this has been one that I've most enjoyed.