Ballet Body: Lower Body Extreme Elongation

Leah Sarago
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Ballet/Barre, Lower Body Strength

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Leah leads this 54 min lower body focuses ballet style workout in a nice ballet studio. The dvd is voiceover & is not chaptered. You will need a barre or chair for this workout. Leah works out alone but offers suggestions for modifications for many exercises.

Standing exercises include: flexed & pointed toe lunges, pliet variations, close 1st position squats adding a knee raise, relavet, glute pinch, balance stick squats & curtsies, hip circles, hip tucks, and standing donkey kicks. Floor exercises include: single leg bridge variations, and single hamstring focused bridge work. Leah concludes with a 12 min stretch. She provides lots of unique exercises & adds in tempo variations.

I rate this a solid intermediate workout that is easy to modify to suit your needs. Leah is a fantastic instructor- precise cuing & excellent form pointers. I strive to achieve her muscle tone! This is a very unique ballet workout that is done at a great pace to really pack a lower body punch. I received this dvd to review.