Ballet Body: Upper Body Definition

Leah Sarago
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Ballet/Barre, Upper Body Strength

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Leah leads this 45 min ballet inspired upper body workout workout alone in a nice ballet studio.You will only need a set of light dumbbells. The workout is done voiceover & is not chaptered. The first portion of the workout is a plank series and is followed by standing upper body strength work with light dumbbells.

Floor exercises include: a very unique hi plank & side plank series with tempo variations, single leg pike & plank pulses, arabesque pushups, & tri pushup variations. Standing exercises include: arm circle & arm raise variations, balance stick delt fly and tricep work. TONS of unique moves and she really keeps things moving along at a great pace.

I rate this a solid intermediate workout. You may have to work up to the plank work if you have weak wrists. Leah is fabulously toned and provides excellent form pointers & cuing. She offers modifications to make the exercises easier. Tons of unique and effective upper body work. This is a great addition to anyone's dvd library. I really like Leah's instruction and the fun & unique exercises. I received this dvd to review.