Athlean-XX for Women: “XX-Hale”- Invigoration

Jeff Cavaliere
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Athletic Stretch

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Athlean-XX “XX-Hale”- Invigoration" is a 14 min. total body stretch workout created by Jeff Cavaliere (he's a physical theapist). It is led by Sue Carlucci, and consists of static and dynamic exercises. Most exercises have a 3 rep pattern, and are repeated twice. The menu has the option to play workout w/ introduction by Jeff or just the workout. I liked that the workout was short, and hits everything. I use it post-workout, but could see myself using it in the am (early morning workout just to get moving). 

cast: Sue 

set: studio w/ woodlike flooring, view of gym in background

music: soft instrumental

equipment: optional mat

Lying Hamstring Stretch> alternate lowering & lifting legs, then hold.
Crossover (seated spinal twist)> face center, lean into C-Curve spine, lift both legs off floor & hold.
Prone Quad stretch> Back extension (lift arms & legs).
Hover (chatarunga/ slow lower tricep push-up) into cobra> cat/cow
Prone glute stretch (straight rear leg, bent front)> lift & lower of upper body w/ arm extension

Chest Stretch (arms clasped rear)> Single Leg Deadlift w/ arms held in chest stretch.
Overhead Tricep Stretch w/ side bend> add lateral leg lift pulses> shoulder rolls.
Static lunge w/ rear arm extension> lunges w/ bicep curl arms.
Adductor Stretch/Lateral Lunge (w/ turn out) hold> alternating lunges then hold.
Shoulder rolls> overhead arms w/ inhalation, reverse motion.