Athlean-XX for Women: Seductive Shoulders

Jeff Cavaliere
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Upper Body Strength

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“Seductive Shoulders” is a 22 min. mostly shoulder focused resistance workout (there are a couple of combination exercises w/ shoulder & lower body) created by Jeff Cavaliere. It is led by Sue Carlucci, and uses minimal equipment. The workout consists of 4 combinations. Each has a superset (two exercise completed back to back w/o rest), repeated twice, followed by a 30 second cardio and/or explosive exercise). The exercises are variations of presses, raises, and upright rows. The menu has the option to play workout w/ introduction by Jeff or just the workout. I liked this workout a lot, it has a variety of exercises (external rotation, rear delt focus along w/ standard press) with a good flow. I didn’t use bands for this workout, just dumbells.

I purchased the Athlean-XX series because I wanted some short, resistance workouts, and the price at QVC was really affordable: $44 (which is more than half off, of the regular price of the set at the Athlean-XX site). I have been mostly using paper/written workouts over the past four months, but like the Athlean-XX workouts that I have tried. The video production in this series on the lower side, but the workouts are good. Sue provides form pointers, rep numbers and cues, but she is overkill chatty to me (rarely is not talking). Another negative is that Jeff would pop onto the set, and give advice or form pointers at different times of the workout, it was distracting and just odd. I think since he could have said those comments during his introduction, or post workout. Also, the marketing for the series is lame, with the title of the workouts w/ sexy themes and the use of “XX” to sub for letter of a word (ex. suxxess).

cast: Sue & two female background exercisers

set: studio w/ woodlike flooring, view of gym in background

music: instrumental pop (more like background music)

Equipment: resistance band (tubing), dumbbells (light & heavier pair), step/chair

Marches> step touch w/ varied arm patterns> sumo squat (single reps, pulses)> shoulder drops> spinal rolls> shoulder rolls, shrugs.

Squat & Shoulder Press: uses tubing
Sumo Squat w/ Single Arm Press
Repeat Sequence twice
Cross Jumping Jacks: cross low, center & overhead for 30 seconds.

Bent Over Rear Delt Raise
Reverse Flyes
Repeat Sequence twice
Seated Arm Drive: seated on bench, bent opposition arms moving at fast pace, 30 seconds.

Iron Cross: alternate crossing arms at chest level & extending out to side.
L Lift: one arm front raise, other lateral raise, alternating sides.
Repeat Sequence twice
Crossing Jumping Jacks

Upright Rows: w/ tubing
Bent Arm Lateral Raise, External Rotation
Repeat Sequence twice
Seated Arm Drive

Overhead arms & inhalation, reverse motion> Shoulder rolls> shoulder stretch> neck stretch> shoulder rolls> spinal rolls.