Athlean-XX for Women: Glam Gams

Jeff Cavaliere
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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Athlean-XX “Glam Gams” is a 32 min. lower body resistance workout created by Jeff Cavaliere. It is led by Sue Carlucci, and uses minimal equipment. The workout consists of 4 combinations. Each has a superset (two exercise completed back to back w/o rest), repeated twice, followed by a 30 second cardio and/or explosive exercise). The exercises are variations of squats, lunges, and combination exercises that combine those w/ knee lifts & calf raises. The menu has the option to play workout w/ introduction by Jeff or just the workout. I enjoyed the workout, liked the use of the step for exercises and the cardio bursts after each set do increase the heart rate (30 min. well spent). Sue is a very chatty lead who provides form pointers & cues. The video production is quality is not that great, but the workouts are solid.

cast: Sue & two female background exercisers (some low impact/lesser intensive demoed)

set: studio w/ woodlike flooring, view of gym in background

music: instrumental pop

Equipment: dumbbells, step (elevated w/ two risers), jumprope (optional, can just simulate jump rope arm movement)

Marches> sumo squats (single reps & pulses)> static rear lunge (single reps & pulses)> spinal rolls> adductor stretch (lateral lunge w/ flexed heel)> hip flexor stretch> hamstring stretch.

Cross back (curtsy) Lunge: alternating sides
Step, knee lift, step, rear lunge
Repeat sequence twice
Lunge Jumps (on step): 30 seconds

Plie Squat w/ Calf Raise
Squat w/ Calf Raise
Repeat sequence twice
Jump rope: 30 seconds

Step Up w/ side extension: side squat on step (start on top), then lateral leg lift.
Woodchopper Lunge: rear leg elevated on step
Repeat sequence twice
Box Jumps (onto step): 30 seconds

Sumo Squat
Side Squat, Rear Lunge: alternate sides.
Repeat sequence twice
High Knees: 30 seconds

Lateral lunge> w/ shoulder rolls> sumo squat> adductor stretch> hip flexor stretch> hamstring stretch> calf stretch (on step)> shin stretch (on step)> side bend> overhead arms w/ inhalation, reverse motion.