Athlean-XX for Women: Fabulous Abs

Jeff Cavaliere
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Abs/Core , Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball

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Athlean-XX “Fabulous Abs” is a 24 min. ab focused workout led by Sue Carlucci, and created by Jeff Cavaliere. It consists of variations of plank (or exercises in plank position), crunches and exercise in C-curve position. Most exercises are repeated twice, but the side planks and on the ball exercises are completed just once. Overall, a great workout that hits the abs from all angles, with a variety of exercises to keep it interesting, and sufficient reps (not overkill but challenging).

Cast: Sue & two background exercisers

Equipment: stability ball, dumbbell

Plank: static hold, alternate between standard & on elbows, 8 count hold, then 4 count> then faster pace (plank walk up)> child’s pose.
Repeat twice

Leg lifts in Plank: on elbows, rear leg lift then lateral lift.
Repeat twice

Side Plank: static hold, alternate lowering & lifting hips to floor> thread arm through (under side of body) w/ static hold.
Repeat once

Roll backs: dumbbell held in front of body, lower 1 count & static hold, repeat (8 counts total)> torso twists in C-curve position.
Repeat twice

Reverse Crunch: straight legs lift & extend at bottom> pulses in lifted position> alternating bicycle w/ hold.
Repeat twice

Crunch w/ ball: ball lifts overhead, taps knee, then reverse motion.
(Total Body Crunch) Ball Pass: upper & lower body meet at top, hands pass ball to feet & lower, reverse motion.
Repeat Twice

W Raise (on ball)

Leg Lifts (on Ball)

Child’s pose (hands on ball)> Spinal roll