Athlean-XX for Women: SeXXy Back & Gorgeous Girls

Jeff Cavaliere
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Upper Body Strength

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Athlean-XX “SeXXy Back & Gorgeous Girls” is a 30 min. chest and back focused resistance workout created by Jeff Cavaliere. It is led by Sue Carlucci, and uses minimal equipment. The workout consists of 4 combinations, each has a triple set (three exercise completed back to back w/o rest), repeated twice.The exercises are variations of chest presses, rows, push-ups, and planks (rows, rotation w/ extension in plank, ). The menu has the option to play workout w/ introduction by Jeff or just the workout. This is one of my favorites of the Athlean-XX series, great mix of bodyweight, weighted and plank/stabilization exercises. I didn’t use a resistance band for the workout, just dumbbells. Sue is a super chatty lead, who provides lots of form pointers and motivation. The video production is quality is not that great, but the workouts are solid.

cast: Sue & two female background exercisers (some less intensive variations are demoed)

set: studio w/ woodlike flooring, view of gym in background

equipment: step (elevated w/ 2 risers), pair of dumbbells, resistance band/tubing

Marches> step tap w/ different arm patterns> sumo squats> repeat> stretches for arms, & shoulders.

Single Arm, Bent Over row
Push-up w/ alternating leg lift
Renegade Row: alternating bodyweight rows in plank position, fast pace.
Repeat sequence twice

Reverse Fly
Chest Press: w/ tubing on step.
Walk Overs: in plank position on step, alternating sides.
Repeat Sequence

Bent Over Row: w/ tubing
Bench Press w/ alternating leg lift: on step
Renegade Row w/ twist: in plank position bodyweight, then arm extension w/ rotation, alternating sides, 30 seconds.
Repeat sequence twice

Renegade Rows w/ push-up: alternating row, push-up.
Band Pulls: center, diagonal both sides.
Walk Overs: in plank position on step, w/ one leg held off floor, alternating sides.
Repeat sequence twice

Lateral lunge w/ shoulder rolls> exhale w/ overhead arms & reverse motion, side bend w/ overhead arms, shoulder stretch, back & chest stretch, shoulder rolls, spinal rolls.