Athlean-XX for Women: Amazing Arms

Jeff Cavaliere
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Upper Body Strength

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Athlean-XX “Amazing Arms” is a 35 min. arms focused workout created by Jeff Cavaliere (he is a physical therapist). It is led by Sue Carlucci, and is a solid, no-frills workout (no high end production, are some camera wobblies throughout, but not horrible).The workout consists of a set or superset (two exercises performed back to back w/o rest), each has one-two exercises, repeated twice. There are two Tabata drills (6 rounds, 20 sec work/10 sec. rest) sequenced into the workout, too. The exercises are variations of bicep curls, tricep extension & kickbacks, and there are dips. The menu has the option to play workout w/ introduction by Jeff or just the workout. Jeff does pop onto the set to discuss form, modifications or other advice. Most of the Althlean-XX resistant workouts focus on 8-12 reps of exercise per set, single reps. But this workout has different tempos: 2:2 and 3:1 count for lift & lower, and fast pace for resistance exercises (as many reps as possible), and more stretches sequenced into the workout.

cast: Sue & two female background exercisers (some low impact/lesser intensive options demoed/discussed)

set: studio w/ woodlike flooring, view of gym in background

music: instrumental pop-type 

equipment: step, pair of dumbbells, resistance band/tubing (but could just use dumbbells, tubing is just to add variety)

Marches> step touch> hamstring curl> knee raises> step tap w/ different arm patterns> toe taps on step (w/ different arm patterns), heel taps on step> sumo squat position w/ stretches for arms, hands, back & shoulders.

Tricep (Incline)Push-up: on step, 2 count lift/ 2 count lower> 3 count hold at bottom? 1 count lift> tricep stretch.
Repeat sequence

Renegade Kickbacks: tricep kickbacks in plank position.
Alternating (Standing) Kickbacks
Repeat sequence twice

Lying Tricep Extension
(Standing)Tricep Extension
Repeat sequence twice

Tabata (Tricep) Dips

Bicep curls: single reps> 3 count lift/1 count lower> stretch
Repeat sequence twice

Hammer Curl w/ pivot: pivot to side, lunge & lower dumbbells, pivot to return to center, hammer curl, alternating sides.
Alternating Bicep curls (w/ tubing): fast pace, 30 seconds.
Repeat sequence twice

Tabata (alternating) Hammer Curls

Lateral lunge w/ shoulder rotation>spinal rolls> back stretch, various arm & shoulder stretches> neck rolls/stretches, hand stretches.